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Google Ventures

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Google Ventures is a different kind of venture capital firm and is the investing arm of Google. Their approach is deeply embedded across the board with a full-service roster of capabilities.

In 2012, John Zeratsky, design partner and part of the Design Studio at Google Ventures, reached out to discuss reconfiguring their website. At the time, the Google Ventures site was a simple affair. Zeratsky, along with colleagues Braden Kowitz and Jake Knapp, decided it was time to better reflect the firm at large. They had content mapped out, a general sense of direction and goals, but they wanted design to give the substance a new spark.

Early visual designs for the homepage.

Working closely over four weeks, we took initial sketches and brainstorming to finalized mock-ups. The GV Design Studio allowed us to act freely (which we always love), and we checked in regularly to showcase progress and move quickly.

Toward the end of our engagement, the visual designs were taken in house, and the GV Design Studio brought them to life in code, which we looked at together to review interactive intent and opportunities for some delight.

Final designs for the site.


Additionally, we were tasked with evolving the identity and brand with iconography and collateral concepts.