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We can just tell when a project is progressing nicely and the outcome is good — it’s that moment when we say to ourselves, “Damn. I wish this was our website.” Fortunately, that happens often with our clients, and this execution was no exception.

CloudOn is a platform for bring-your-own documents, permitting multiple formats, devices and storage systems to come together — thus giving you the freedom to work productively with others, on-the-go.

We were approached by Mamoon Hamid (no relation to Weightshift’s own Naz Hamid), a partner at The Social+Capital Partnership, who saw our efforts for Intercom and liked what we were doing.

Uniting with then Director of Marketing Tracy Kraft, Founder and CEO Milind Gadekar, Director of Growth Haris Ikram, Vice President of Product Jay Zaveri and the rest of the team at CloudOn was a smooth, harmonious experience. They have an impactful identity, and their in-house design contingent excels at advancing both the product and the brand.

And that makes it easy for us to focus on what we do. In this case, the marriage of brand and product with a contemporary website that tells people what they should know about CloudOn and, more importantly, how to access their product. We took them from a full desktop experience to tablet to smartphone.